Community Outreach

We also take care of their physical needs and living conditions. With our support, we help the widows, newborn babies, the helpless and homeless to improve their conditions through education, community projects and programs.

Building & Repairing Houses

Many poor families in our community were living in very old houses, some without proper roofing and toilet. Some of these houses were closed to collapsing which was very dangerous. Because of their poverty they have to remain in their broken down houses. This project aims to provide a better and safer living condition by rebuilding or repairing the houses for these poor families.

Rice Distribution

Since CCC was set up we have done several rounds of rice-distribution to the poor families in our community. We really appreciate our sponsors who love and care for the poor. Rice is an essential food for Cambodian people especially the poor and we hope to be able to continue to bless them in this way.

Milk Powder Project

Our baby milk powder project is designed to help the babies from the poor families whose mother are unable to breastfeed the babies because many of these mothers are unable to produce sufficient breast-milk mainly due to their own poor diet. Some mothers are unable to breastfeed their baby because they are too sickly after the child birth. Some mothers even abandoned the babies after they’re born. Due to extreme poverty some parents feed their newborn baby with milk-substitute product or rice-water. It is crucial to provide good quality milk powder to these babies for at least six months from birth. Under this project we have supported many babies. We pray that we are able to continue with this project to help the babies and also more babies into the program.

Widow's Project

The widows’ project was started to help the poor widows in our community. Many of them struggle to provide food and shelter not only for themselves, but also for their children. Some of these widows are beggars, some are homeless and some are without any family support. We provide them with rice and some foodstuff for 6 months. We take care of them when they get sick by praying for them and bringing them to see doctor. We teach them to pray and to trust in the Lord to provide for their needs. We appreciate the sponsors’ help for these widows and we pray that we can continue with this project to help more needy widows.

Chicken Farm Project

This project is designed to help the poor families start their home chicken farm to raise chicken and sale. We’ve started by providing a cage, two hens and a rooster to each family. We already helped over 30 families to start a home chicken farm in their families.

Flood Relief

The community was flooded in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and a lot of families were affected. Many of them were unable to work and they also have to move their family to higher ground. We supported the affected families with provisions including rice, mats, mosquito nets and food items. We really appreciate our donors for blessing and helping the flood victims from our community