Cambodia Care

Cambodia Care Clinic - Loving & Caring for Sick People

Cambodia Care Clinic provide free medical care to the people in our community and our students. CC Clinic serve more than a hundred of patients per month. There is a nurse who station every Monday to Friday. A few doctor come every Monday & Thursday.

Our appreciation to our partner, One-2-One Cambodia organization for having CC Clinic.

The Feeding Program - Loving & Caring for the Poor Children

To help the poor, skinny and under-weight children including our students & community children to grow healthy and strong by provides a nutritious lunch, coupled with a piece of fresh fruit, egg and soy milk to the children. Special thanks to New Creation Church & One-2-One Cambodia for sponsoring this incredible project. There 200 children under this program.

Loving & Caring for the Widows, Orphan, Poor & Needy

Rice & Food Stuff Distribution

Babies Recuse Program - Loving & Caring for the New Born Poor Babies

We help one-2-one Cambodia Organization to coordinate & helping providing milk powder to the newborn from the poor & needy in our community.

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