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Rev. John Lee & his wife, Esther

At a ripe “old” age of 76, most are happily enjoying carefree lives as retirees. But not Pastor John Lee and wife Esther! After 52 years, he remains fully committed to evangelism, in tireless pursuit of Jesus’ commandment to reach the ends of the earth for HIM. Pastor John was first called into full time ministry at the tender age of 24. He started with Faith Assembly of God Church, Singapore in 1963 for 4 years. In 1967, together with his wife, Esther, they answered our Lord’s call to pioneer a church in Singapore. In those early days, Christianity was viewed as a foreign religion, alien to many. Resistance and skepticism was common place. Despite, on 9 July that year, he founded Eternal Life Assembly of God Church. With God’s anointing, he led Eternal Life Assembly to be one of Singapore’s first early “mega churches”, holding large scale evangelistic rallies in the Singapore National Theatre for over 2,000 people – considered huge in those days. He went on to shepherd the English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien congregations as Senior Pastor for 25 years, nurturing many new converts and influencing many lives for Christ. In 1980 the Lord impressed upon him to reach out to the Chinese people in China. Back in those days, China was viewed as a mission field that was closed up and dangerous. Nevertheless, he responded to God’s call to start the China ministry. He and Esther ventured into the most rural undeveloped parts of China to preach Christ. Throughout the 28 years, they trumped over seemingly insurmountable obstacles one by one only by the Grace of God and standing on His promises. They faithfully walked the journey fraught with difficulties to extend God’s unconditional love and to open the Chinese’s spiritual eyes to the Gospel. In their 28 years of labor, they impacted multitudes for Jesus in the China mission fields. Many lives were transformed for Jesus’ glory. Thereafter, Pastor John continued to travel to Indonesia – Batam and West Kalimantan on mission work. In March 2010, when he was in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he was overwhelmingly burdened by the state of poverty and suffering there particularly among the children. On 18 Dec that same year, he founded the Cambodia Care Centre in Phnom Penh. The mission is to spread the Love of Jesus. In the past 4 years, the centre has managed to clothe, feed, educate and teach more than 300 children about Jesus. Before the work, most were too poor to be clothed, suffered from malnutrition and “School” is merely an impossible dream. The centre has also vastly improved the living conditions of the community. Various projects instituted have provided some with livelihood for the first time. Concurrently, Pastor John continues to work tirelessly for Jesus through planting churches such as his latest “Graveyard ministry”. Throughout his life, Pastor John has braved through countless trials including battling for his life when he had to have cancer and major back surgeries together in 1998. Surgeons had said even if he survived, he will not be able to travel back to his beloved mission fields for at least 1 year after his multiple surgeries plus chemo, our Awesome Healer God proved them wrong when He healed him supernaturally! Pastor John returned to the mission fields within 2 months and has stayed cancer free for the past 17 years! Pastor John continues to believe God for more miracles and open doors for his ministry. Leading into his 52 years of unceasing service unto our Lord, let’s continue to pray for divine health & protection for him and Esther that they may have many more good years to continue to serve our Lord Jesus.

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